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>>> Customer first

Work with clients with the focus on their quality interactions with their end consumers, so they can enjoy better interaction through better OTP, verification, and notification through omni-channel approach (with bias on digital channels!).

Use case:
We seek to help our clients by providing digital-first channel, support,  and technology to resolve the financial health issues thus enabling their consumers to improve toward good credit standing.

We deliver better and high quality interaction through digital-first channels/messaging, and at convenient time or content and medium preferred by end consumers. Open rate of messages improves and also consumers enjoy better user experience. Consumers can work with client to have better fit in financial product.

Further lesson:

We also believe that with better interaction, working toward better financial health can be easier esp. as a good financial record nowadays also serves as a one of indicators of good behaviors that are used in many key life aspects: employment reference check, career mobility, and in increasing overall happiness.

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